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Pankaj Saran

Convenor, NatStrat

A warm welcome to NatStrat India

We are a Centre for Research on Strategic and Security Issues with an authentic Indian perspective. We invite you to join us in our journey of reflection and research.

The world has undergone major changes in the last few years. The post-World War II international order looks increasingly frayed and outdated. The US and China are simultaneously competitors and collaborators. The global strategic landscape is shifting, creating unknown and unpredictable security challenges for nations.

Even as old threats remain, new threats to societies have emerged from climate change, inequality, unemployment and extremism. Technology has become the new determinant and metric of national power. The distinction between internal and external threats has become blurred. The meaning of national security has changed. We need a holistic and integrated approach to deal with the contemporary world.

Accompanying these changes is the transformation of India. India’s population is larger than the population of Europe and the US combined. It has become the fifth-largest economy. The challenges faced by India to accelerate its pace of development, safeguard its civilisational values and secure itself are of gigantic proportion. They do not have a parallel. We have to find Indian solutions for Indian realities. We have to think on a scale that is commensurate with our size.

Globally, the world’s interest in India has grown. India’s actions are subject to global scrutiny. India’s opinions are visible on all significant issues ranging from climate change to terrorism. As India finds its rightful place in the world, it faces headwinds from the established order.

The Ukraine conflict and the Covid pandemic are a reality check for India’s national power, just as the rise of China is. India has had to defend its interests and provide solutions, even as our State and other institutions are overwhelmed with day-to-day governance challenges.

It is these new realities that NatStrat intends to focus on. We will analyse future trends, offer policy recommendations and make India’s voice heard internationally.